iPhone 12 Mini time

After three years with my iPhone X I decided to upgrade. I'm still paying £15 for unlimited data so I still planned to buy the phone upfront.

So...why the Mini version? Because having considered all aspects the Pro and Pro Max are really for people who need the photograpy/videograpy capabilites, and the RAW format, that those phones have to offer. You are of course paying a premium for those features. That leaves the 12 or 12 Mini.

Having thoroughly reviewed the phones and what I do with mine on a daily basis, and the convenience of a smaller handset, the iPhone 12 Mini was the choice for me. It was also a lot cheaper than the others (in comparative Apple terms; you can get very decent Android phones for a quarter of the price of any iPhone) even after I'd opted for 128GB of storage.

Yes, like almost everyone else, I bought the blue version.